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Platform for comparative connectomics

Fruitfly neuron AVLP538 from the Janelia Hemibrain dataset shown in Neuroglancer

Platform for Comparative Connectomics

The BrainCircuits.io application provides an easy-to-use web interface to access large-scale connectomics datasets.

BrainCircuits.io Application Screenshot

Circuit Reconstruction Communities

Hundreds of researcher collaborate to proofread and annotate neural circuits in large EM datasets that were segmented with automated methods. We're interfacing with a tool stack that was developed at Princeton University to work with such large-scale, dynamic connectome datasets (see Dorkenwald et al. 2021) and are currently supporting two large-scale circuit reconstruction efforts in the fruit fly community.

Published Connectomes

An evergrowing library of published static connectomes in various species and developmental stages is accessible via the same user interfaces and infrastructure. The application is designed to facilitate future comparative studies across nervous systems.