Cell Type Atlas

Explore cell types across species in various datasets

Comparison of cell type definitions

Cell types can be defined based on various criteria, including morphology, connectivity, electrophysiology, transcriptomics, or any combination thereof. Comparing cell types differentiated along different criteria, such as structural and molecular levels, may reveal distinct subclasses. Ultimately, this exploration can lead to functional characterization and a better understanding of their role in circuit computation.

Foundation for multimodal study and data integration

Cell types derived from detailed morphology and connectivity via EM reconstructions serve as a foundational link to genetic tools, instances across datasets, and electrophysiological or modeling studies. The underlying data model of this cell type atlas allows for flexible representation of resources, such as publications, as well as linked neurons and cell types in a database. This, in turn, facilitates quick discovery of relevant neurons across different datasets and brain regions within the same species, and their flexible annotation with additional information over time.